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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a flexible strategy that is trending in the IT sector services, enabling an organization to extend its staff without incurring any additional infrastructure and administrative costs. Therefore allowing the client to achieve their business goals by hiring the talented and right staff with upright skills. It is all about bridging the demand and supply gap of IT professionals and delve into the broader pool of talented developers working remotely.

Most groups use a combination of vendors, depending on their goals. When you are thinking about workforce augmentation, the most critical element is to determine your goals.

V2infotech offers the most specialized technical professionals with propelling skill sets required for your business. We focus on quality work and have extensive experience in diverse areas. We have traced our services to commend our client’s targets and technical requirements. We help you to select and shortlist the right candidates to realize your business potential.

Direct Hiring

We offer an onsite staffing model where we cater to our highly skilled experts in your office premises. We help you hire pre-screened, qualified staff directly under your payroll and budget within a short period. Our service charge is compatible suited to our vendor’s satisfaction.

Contractual/Temporary Hire

We also provide selected candidates, best suited to your organization’s needs, to work on temporary assignments on your payroll.

By choosing offshore staffing services, you allow us to manage all resources and work from our office premises, and the vendor remains hassle-free. We offer cost-effective, state-of-the-art services with timely deliverables.

Key Feature that Makes Us Unique

  • We evaluate staff augmentation solutions carefully to ensure the secrecy and data security of the contractor. For example, if you need to lease professionals based totally on an excessive degree of skill, it is vital to check out each pros and cons before selection.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • Save your time spent on recruitment
  • No investment in infrastructure
  • No in-house hiring cost incurred
  • Free from geographical limitations
  • Flexible with full control over your project


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